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Explore this beautiful city with our selections made for locals, visitors and students - using the map or drone panorama. You can also add and share your own moments through integration with Mapheim.


Enjoy the discoveries!

We have mapped the best places in Trondheim. Here you can find the places to visit as a tourist including hotels, restaurants and attractions. We also focused on students and presented the core locations, campuses, activities, sport venues,... as well as bars, concerts and nightlife. We hope this app will be beneficial for you and welcome to Trondheim!


Check out the drone views

See the city from a birds eye perspective with interactive markers. We have made 360° drone panorama photos in all the interesting locations in Trondheim.


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Share your own moments

You can place any content (text, images, videos, social media,...) on the map on Mapheim and it will be displayed in the “User moments” selection. Show us what have you experienced in Trondheim.


Who are we?

We are a Trondheim-based startup from NTNU aiming to provide interactive maps. This website was made as a tribute to this beautiful and living city, as well as to demonstrate the capabilities of our platform
We would like to empower people in marking their travel experiences, building interactive maps of interesting places, mapping their business venues and creating drone panorama shots.
If you want to get involved, contact us on Facebook.

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